Saturday, May 30, 2009

Too much

A few nights ago Pucca cleaned her room all by herself. Which ends up being more of a chore for me. Why? you ask. because she's a girl- and girls have the tendency to want to decorate/clean- which is a far cry from actually cleaning up!

For example- Pucca loves to put her stuff on display! When she cleans her room every flat surface is filled with something or other- eventhough I've bought bins and baskets to contain the clutter. All of her purses, all of her necklaces, all of her 10 cent garage sale figurines- everything is on display.

Well, after the last cleaning I thought I finally got it through to her that we don't have to show off everything we own! That its nice for everything to have its place and be put away. She seemed to understand and readily agreed- she even helped put things in bins.

Later that night on my way to bed- I went into her room to shut of her night light and this is what I saw...

She collected every stuffed animal from her room and the play room and decorated her bed . It was so full there was barely enough room for her. She was all curled up at the bottom of the bed. I'm guessing I should have been more specific with my explanation.

Later that night, John and I heard a loud thump! John asked what that noise was and if the alarm was set. I rolled over and nonchalantly replied- "That was just Pucca falling off the bed. And yes the alarm is set."

After about another two minutes I decided to go in a check on her. She was in a daze, just sitting in the dark with this 'what the heck just happened' look on her face. Poor thing!

Needless to say- the fluffy little creatures are headed back to the play room and she's limited her bedside friends to 3.


The Brink Blog said...

This is a classic! She looks so peaceful with all of her cuddlies in her bed tucked in with her. I can just imagine what kind of stupor she was in after crashing to the floor. My goal these first two or three weeks of summer vacation is to go through several of our closets here...we are having a garage sale and we have way too much CRAP!! I see a play date in the near future with a bbq at the end of the day and a dip in our pool!! You game?!

Audra said...

Sounds like a plan! Email me some dates- so we can this scheduled! John loves any excuse to bbq!