Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Princess Pucca

Here are some pix from this weekend at the Princess Party Corynn attended...

Here's the outfit...Princess Aurora dress (same one she wore for Halloween), vintage crown (a gift last year from her grandparents), and a string of pearls (on loan from Gma Kelly).

She was the prettiest one there, but I'm a little bias!

Princess Pucca at the Tea Party...notice the napkin on her lap...she's such a little lady!

She met a 'real princess' Ms Nebraska. Afterwards she told me she really wants a crown like hers..."sure honey, we'll work on that!"


Shannon said...

Pucca is so cute, and she did look like a real princess. I'm glad she had a good time!

MeganW said...

What a cutie! I'm sad I didn't see your post about this until Saturday. My niece in GI would've LOVED going!