Friday, February 22, 2008

Skate Night

Last night was skate night for the girls' school. Here are a some pix:

The girls and two of their friends from school/church.

Kynna's friend Jordon helped her. The girls aren't that great of skaters-it was so sweet of their friends to help them.

It was Corynn's second time skating. Here's how it went...

Hold the wall for dear life....

Still holding for dear life...and still having fun!

Its a good thing she was holding on so tight!

Although, I think catching herself on the railing was her favorite part!

Corynn actually only made it around the rink 5 times. The night started out like this...

by the end of "SKATE NIGHT" we were dealing with this...

Funny part: When I took this picture she said it was embarrassing to have me take a picture of her crying.

I told her it was embarrassing just for the fact that she was crying.

She then said in whining tone " Why do you allllwaaaaays have to be riiiighhhhhht?" And promptly quit crying as if on cue.

Another kind of funny thing....Kynna fell down her first time around the rink and hurt her bum. Poor thing didn't/couldn't sit the rest of night. Needless to say - we gave her some ibprofin before bed.

I didn't skate- because I'm horrible at it. Plus they let you walk around the rink and help your kids- so I thought that was safer. Although- my back is a little stiff today from catching Corynn all night.

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Shannon said...

Cute pictures!!!

Can you e-mail the one with hailey and katie?