Friday, February 29, 2008

Too Sweet

Corynn loves to have tea parties and she's always bringing us some kind of funky imaginary drink to try complete with a plate of make believe goodies to snack on.

But the cute part comes when the tea party is over. A few nights ago I heard the bathroom water running- so I went to investigate.

This is what I saw...

She was washing her tea set... because we all know what a mess imaginary tea and treats can be! Too funny! She was all serious too.

me: Why are you washing that?

Corynn: Uh- didn't I just serve you tea and cake? (completely sarcastic)

me: yes- but I thought it was make believe...

Corynn: Look at these marks (smudges) - those aren't make believe, mom! (she was starting to get a little upset with me for not understanding)

me: ok- well can I get the camera and take some pix?

Corynn: Only if you promise to help me dry!

She's so such a hoot! She's always been a little cleaning machine- you should see her with the dust buster!


Deb said...

Corynn cracks me up!!! Hope you are feeling better.

Shannon said...

What a super cute Friday Funny! I was glad to see you at church today, and it appears you didn't let your cold get you down too much.. Can't wait for excercising tomorrow!!!

Amanda said...

Corynn is so funny. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.