Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Box Contest

The 4th grade at Kynna and Kwynn's school is having a contest for Valentine's Day. Here's what the form read:

Valentine Box Contest

Design and construct an original valentine box. Consider a theme or use unusual materials. Can you think of a clever way for your friends to deliver their valentine's to your box?
There will be four categories of winners:
**the most attractive
**the most humorous
**the most unusual
**the most clever opening

Judging will take place on Feb. 14th
Keep your idea a secret! Surprise your friends!

These pix are a little hard to see- we took them with the computer's camera (I left my camera in John's car).

Kwynn's is LOVE-BOT 3000. The robot is holding his chest open for the valentine's to go in. The head is made out of a small formula can, the body is a shoe box covered in duct tape. The legs are silver plated candle sticks and the arms are rolled aluminum paper.
Just another use for duct tape!

Kynna's is a paper machet valentine head. She used pompoms for the hair, googley eyes and construction paper to decorate the features. And the mouth is cut out to receive the valentines.

Kwynn is serious about winning- Kynna doesn't really care...just as long as no one thinks its stupid. They were both so excited about their creations... that they took them in a day early!

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wendysue said...

Those are seriously the cutest! Nice work girls! (and MOM!)