Monday, August 19, 2013

Almost comical

My weekend was really bad it was almost funny. And towards the end, all I could do to get through it was laugh.

John had to work in Kearney Thursday and Friday, so he left bright and early Thursday morning. He then went from Kearney up to South Dakota to hang out with one of his friends and hunt prairie dogs. He obviously needed some MAN time. And he does deal with alot of estrogen...he deserved it. So long story short- John was gone Thurday through Monday evening.

Well Thursday morning my vacuum broke. Which isn't really really terrible, but I have a toddler and a shaggy hairball of a dog- my vacuum is essential. I do have another one, but I think it was the point it was my Dyson, which we bought less than a year ago. So I was frustrated. I had to dig out all the warranty crap and try to find a receipt that was 10 months old. Annoying.

Fast forward to Friday. My van breaks down. I have to call my mother in law to give me a ride to the dealership which is all the way across town and its rush hour.  I have to get the dealership because my van was being towed in and I was getting a loner car.

I get a loner and its basically a clown car. I have to haul around 5 people and with Evie's carseat...its a super tight fit just for us. Not to mention I'm trying to figure out car pool for the upcoming week.

Saturday- I run my morning errands to Walmart and Sam's club. I'm emptying the trunk of goods, and Evie is sitting in the front seat. I left the back door and front door open. I finish up unloading things and I notice that all the doors are closed and Evie is still sitting in the front seat. I also notice Kwynn staring at the car with a weird look on her face. I go to open the door and its locked. YEP- Evie was locked in the loner car.

The short version: I freak out, yell, cry and frantically call my father in law. While I'm on the phone with the dealership, the girls got Evie to hit the unlock button on the key and they got her out.

Saturday EVENING...I find water in the basement. Something in the furnace/utility room was leaking. My in laws came over and helped me clean it up and trouble shoot.

Once that was all done, I headed to bed. A stinky bed. Like super strong body spray or perfume stinky. It was so strong, I could taste it.  Great what did Evie do now? There's a pile of clean clothes on my bed and that's where the smell is coming from. I dig through it and find a wall flower that was some how accidentally scooped up with the clothes. It spilled and soaked most of the clothing and some of the bedding. I kicked it all onto the floor, open a window and went to bed.

Sunday: At this point...I'm thinking I need to go to church. You know- in an effort to change my joojoo. We're not a church for more than 30 minutes when Evie needs a diaper change. And then it hits diapers or wipes. Because the travel diaper bag is in the van. grrrrrr. So I grab the girls and come home. I run upstairs to change out of my dress, when Evie toddles in- STINKING like poo. I go to change her and notice that her diaper sagged and poo was all over her dress, legs, hands, fingers, shoes. lovely.

It's now Monday and John should be home tonight. Hope to high heavens we make it!

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