Friday, August 16, 2013


Meet our newest pets...well pseudo pets. We let them live in our culvert and they eat our bugs. A pretty good arrangement. 

Just about every day, Evie and I walk quietly over to the culvert to check on them. Evie toddles in her exaggerated sneaking gate- you know picking her feet up really high and kind of hunching over-  trying to be quiet while she's sh-ing me. We (meaning Ev) usually stay quiet just long enough to see them jump back into the shadows. Evie giggles with delight and loves it...and that's all that counts!

There's three in this photo

And just like that- they're gone

In this one there's a baby frog on the rock- we've caught ones this size a few times. But I have my sights set on the big ones!!! Before winter- I will catch one!!!


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