Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall 2013

I've already put out my fall decorations. I'm ready for fall and it feels like it is with the kids back in school and football starting up. And the crazy fall like weather we've been having is nice too!

Here's a peek at some of our fall decor:

This is the baker's rack in the dining room- always so much fun for seasonal decorations! 

The harvest basket on the dining room table
pumpkin decorating tip: I love the fake pumpkins that you can buy at craft stores. Probably because I love pumpkins so much and get bummed when my real ones start to rot. Especially when you take all that time to decorate them. So faux pumpkins are perfect- except for their UGLY stems. Those badly painted stubby things are absolutely terrible. So what I do is cut off of the faux stems from the fake pumpkins and replace them with real stems. Where do I get real stems- you ask. Every year when we pick out real pumpkins I make sure they have long stems with some character. When the pumpkins start to rot, I pop off the stem and let it dry out for a few days on the porch or in the garage. Once it's dry you can hotglue it onto the fake pumpkin or if its still a little soft you can use a skewer or tooth pick and connect them that way and hotglue later. In the arrangement above I did this on the two white pumpkins.  You can always collect stems this year and buy faux pumpkins on sale after season and then be all set to decorate fake pumpkins come next fall!! They would be on sale, super cute and last forever! 

And our harvest wreathes in the sitting room windows with burlap straps! I love me some burlap! 

And speaking of burlap...I made this beauty Sunday afternoon. It's a burlap bubble wreath. I used a wire form instead of foam. And its chevron burlap! OH YA!!! I need to embellish it with something fall-ish. But I love it and want to keep it up all year. hmmmmm....still figuring that one out! Isn't she pur-ty! 

Autumn is my favorite time of year...can't wait for the leaves to change! And the pumpkin patch! And football season to start! And cool evenings! And sweaters and scarves! And boots! And...And...And...

Yep! I sure do like Fall! 

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