Thursday, August 01, 2013

two new drivers

McKynna and Kwynn both passed their learner's permit tests today! So we officially have to two new drivers in the family. Actually they are my chauffeurs for a year!  Driving Ms. Audra!

They will do great! Hope you are ready gpa Kelly!

filling out forms

I think the girls were a little apprehensive. A boy came in from taking the driving portion of his driver's license test and he almost crashed into another car with the instructor. After hearing the instructor freak out in the back room to other employees, Kwynn came out of the testing area and said "Wow. I'm glad I didn't have to drive with her! Someone's not going to be passing."
As we walked out a boy was talking to his mom- "Well, I think I did ok. After the close call she said we were done and to go back. I'm pretty sure she was impressed with how I handled the situation." Not thinking so, dear. :)

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