Monday, August 05, 2013

Mudroom redo

Poor John. Whenever he leaves on a work trip, I do something around the house. Not just something but a project. One that I have on my 'get to someday' list. One time I painted chevron stripes along a basement wall. Another time I completely whacked off a row of yews that had been bugging me for years. I even had to borrow a neighbor's chainsaw for that one. We redid the girls' rooms (although he knew about the painting with that), painted the front door, and then I think the ottoman. Well, this time I redid the mudroom. It had been bugging me since we moved in too. The color was all wrong and although it was nice and had all the storage just needed to be put together and polished.

So I started with the paint color. I had a gallon of mistint from when the painter was here. It wasn't the wrong color but mixed in the wrong base. So it was just sitting around. Happenstance- it was the perfect color for the mudroom! I mean perfect!

After painting the walls, I reorganized the shelf storage. I painted the metal garage door with chalkboard paint and put numbers on the lockers. We used some of the girls origami cranes and hung them in the corner...oh and my mirror! Painted a $5 garage sale find (that had been sitting in our garage for 2 years!) cherry tomato red. It was a definite improvement there! And its the perfect size and shape...fits the space perfectly! Added a few outdoor throw pillows to the bench and voila! NEW-ish mudroom!

Here are the pix...

The walls were a fleshy peach color. With navy blue tiles on the floor and grey storage. hmmmmm...not sure what was going on there. So you can see why the greyish paint was such an improvement!

I don't like the dog crate there...but we have to have it while we have a dog so what's a girl to do? 

Now did I mention that this whole redo...that John actually really likes!...cost $0! I know, can you believe! Everything we had- we just repurposed some things and switched out storage containers from around the house! Pretty darn awesome! and yes...I always have chalkboard paint laying around! I love that stuff! 

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