Monday, August 26, 2013

Ice cream PaRtY

Evie's 2nd birthday party was this past weekend. We celebrated with family and enjoyed an ice cream bar.

Evie hates crowds...she freaked out at John's cousin's surprise party and ever since has been leery of crowds. I tried to limit her party to just family, but even then we're talking about 25 people. She was clingy and cranky. But the ice cream and toppings were yummy and I always love getting the family together. So all is well.

 (pinterest fail: trying to make an ombre kind of worked. Although it really just looked like I let a child decorate it. Good thing it tasted good! )

she held onto sissy for dear life

the plan was to have the party on the patio with bubbles and balls, but it was 97 degrees with 62% humidity....which equals no freaking way! We voted last minute to keep the party indoors where it was cool! So we didn't end up using the fans...but they were still cute! 

ice cream toppings...I forgot to put out the oreos and whip topping. Oooops...nobody noticed though! 

the twins, gpa Gordie, Chandler and Gillian

the girls with gma Ski

 Evie diving into the topping bar

sprinkles by the spoonful

Evie settled down and had fun once she was outside in the courtyard blowing bubbles. Its one of her favorite things to do and one of her favorite places to be. 

We love you munchkin and wish you the happiest of birthdays on Thursday!  

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