Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First days

School started this week! Corynn started yesterday and the twins started today. Here are the annual 'first day of school' pix:

Kwynn's hair isn't really that red. We put a color booster rinse in it with auburn undertones and so its a little more red than she wanted. But its just temporary color so it will wash out in a few weeks. She just wanted to try something different. The lighting and filter on this pic make it way more red than it really is.

Kynna's has a rinse too, but less dramatic. Her's isn't even red...and it looks reddish in this pic. weird.

Corynn is having fun picking out her wardrobe. Different outfits and accessories. She created this ensemble all by herself...from the necklace and belt to the shoes. Super cute and great style!

To celebrate the glorious day of kids going back... some mom's got together and had a breakfast. It's been super lovely weather wise lately so we had it on our patio in the backyard. Perfect for the little little ones to play while the mom's visited/celebrated!

 LOOK at all the goodies!!!!!

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