Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wooden pony

I found a little gem at my friend's rummage sale. A little wooden rocking horse that needed some love. I bought him for three dollars. There wasn't anything special about him. Just a plain wooded rocking horse that had been well played with...but I instantly saw the potential!!!

First I tightened up the screws, sanded him down, primed him and gave him a fresh coat of paint.

I could have stopped here. But why!? I went through my fabric and craft supplies. And started coming up with a design.

Here's how he ended up. Isn't he darling! I love him! Evie does too...which is really all that counts!

I modge podged scrap book paper on the runners. Then sanded down the edges to give that worn shabby chic look. I also sanded down other edges.

I bought some fringe and gave the horsey a mane. Hot glued it first then hammered in some upholstery nails to reinforce it and give it some character.

I also cut an old chair pad and made a cushioned seat with some adorable white dimpled micro plush. Then I added a burlap edge to the seat to finish it and cover all the staples.

And the breakdown went like this:

$3 purchase price
$5 fringe for mane

paint, fabric, cording, cushion, paper, staples and glue...all things I already had. SO that means that this beauty was only $8 and took only 4 hours (that's including paint drying time)


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