Monday, August 12, 2013

Star gazing

A once-a-year even took place last weekend. NOOOOOO....I'm not talking about Ribfest. But the Perseid Meteor showers!!! Meteors became visible Friday night, peaked in Australia on Saturday and then here last night. And by visible I mean visible with the naked eye. No telescopes needed. Hundreds to thousands an hour at some points. Google it if you don't believe me!

John and I had a date of sorts on Friday night. We found a cozy spot out in the country and gazed up at the star lit night. It could have been sooooo romantic had we not been wrestling with Evie, swatting away bugs and oh...did I mention we were surrounded by about 20 teenagers. So no romance, but it was very cool! Even Evie looked up, dropped her bink and whispered "WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" in utter amazement while pointing to the sky!

The night was clear and weather-wise perfect! I have already marked my calendar for next year. You will find our little family out at Davey, sprawled out on blankets and gazing upwards to the awe-inspiring heavens. It's a date!

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