Tuesday, August 27, 2013

vintage dresses

I love going to flea markets and antique stores! One of my favorite things to look for are little girl vintage dresses. They are so adorable and the materials and designs are so classic and sweet. I love the muted colors, the patterns, delicate little buttons and doll-like collars. I pretty much love everything about them! So with Evie...we were ecstatic to find out we were having another little girl!

I've only found three or four at local shops but with Etsy...you can search 4000+ pages of vintage children's clothes. They are fun to look at! Everything from early 1900s cloaks and rompers to the 1980s bold patterns and bright colors. The clothes from the 60s and 70s are quite crazy! So glad I wasn't born in that time! Those poor children!

I do have one outfit from when I was a child that I dressed Corynn in as a baby. It was the wrong size/season for Evie. Bummer, but here's Corynn wearing it!

so sweet! 

Here are a few of Evie's dresses

She wore the blue one above for her birthday party! I think it will still fit for Halloween...we're going to add a red cloak and basket. She'll be our Little Red Riding Hood. So perfect! 

This one was taken as part of Evie's 7 month photos. I love her chubby little face in this picture...reminds me so much of Gma Tillie! The dress is circa 1950s and the blanket was my mom's baby blanket (I think)

I also love hanging the dresses on old hangers in/around her room. They are so pretty and girly! And its  kind of fun to think about what other children wore these clothes. Where did they live? What year was it? Who made them? Several are handmade...was it a grandma, a mom? Was this a special dress...worn for a birthday too? A play dress? 
Its so interesting to think about the history of things, and fun to know Evie is adding to that history as she makes her own memories in them and as we pass them down. Hopefully to her children and grandchildren. 

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