Thursday, August 08, 2013

losing it

I am seriously getting excited for school to start. I love spending time with the kids and they are super awesome helpers with Evie (eh, most of the time). BUT I need my house back! I feel like I am constantly picking up, doing dishes and folding laundry. No...there's no feeling about it...I AM constantly picking up, doing dishes and folding laundry!!!

I know I will have chores even when the kids go back to school- I'm not in complete denial. But at least I won't feel like I have an audience while doing them. My kids will zone out on the couch or in a chair, reading and on their ipods with headphones...meanwhile I'm washing down the coffee table or vacuuming. And on more than one occasion, I'll be wrangling a kicking and screaming Evie while trying to do dishes and make lunch. All the while my older children sit completely oblivious to my chaos...or selectively tuning out. I'm betting on the latter. And everyday feels like a treadmill...working my butt off and getting nowhere. I feel like I never have all the dishes done or all the laundry done. And as soon as I have a room picked invade and its no longer in order.

So in less than a week when school hours and routines commence, I will thank my lucky stars. I do love my kids and being home with them is truly the best. But its also sometimes the worst and time apart is always good. 'Apart' as in the 7 hours of a school day. Those seven precious hours give me time to clean up the house, get laundry caught up, all the dishes done, groceries bought and put away.Then I can sit with Evie and enjoy an orderly house..all in time for the family to get home. So I can do it all again. Crazy thing is...I wouldn't trade it for the world. Being a mom is a blessing. One that is totally worth the stress, labor and hardwork we devote to it.

Meanwhile, as I try to get through the next week...I think I'll take more naps

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A nap! That was funny, huh!? Mom's don't get naps, silly! But I think I will go to bed earlier. Check out after putting Evie down.

And possibly get a pedicure!!! :)

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