Sunday, April 29, 2007

What Happens in Vegas ...Stays in Vegas??? hmmmmm

We went to the Wax Museum in the Venetian. Personally, I wasn't super excited about going- but I am glad I did! It was fun!

Here is my Grandma and Oprah! Can you tell she is excited! You would have thought it was the real Oprah from her expression! Too funny!

This is my mom and Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp... I don't think I need to explain why she wanted this pic! What a hottie! hahaha!

This is Sandi and I posing with Hugh Hefner! Notice the bunny ears! haha what a man!

This my mom marrying George Clooney. Now I am not sure if you noticed she is missing her teal shirt from before. Well- she didn't want it showing under the wedding dress so she just whipped it off! I was shocked! I just stood there with this confused look on my face- what the heck! The place wasn't busy, no one saw her and it was in a little chapel off the main path- but HELLO crazy woman! Keep your shirt on! Its not like these are real wedding photos! LOL

I ended up really enjoying the wax museum- it was fun!

We also went to a few shows. We went to Mama Mia- which was excellent! And then the forced me to go to Menopause the musical- but it was really funny! A definite must see for woman 40 plus! Or even younger...I thought it was hysterical!

We also went to the Stratosphere and saw Vegas from 108 stories up! That was cool! Mom and Sandi went to the top and rode the Space Shot- I would have but I was still feeling ill from the nachos!!

We also did a survey for CBS. They have a studio in the MGM hotel and casino. We watched a 40 minute pilot episode for a new drama they want to put out this fall. And for watching that and answering a quick survey- we were given some freebies and coupons to shops and restaurants. It was fun and interesting! I had always wondered how they screened new shows on test audiences. And free stuff from their store- heck ya! And the show was really good too! I really hope it makes it on!

Nothing much pertains to the saying "What happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas"...except maybe my mom stripping in the wax museum!


Christy said...

I love it that your mom took off her shirt for the picture! That's classic. If I was going to marry George Clooney, I wouldn't want a teal shirt underneath my dress either!

kris said...

your mom is crazy- but i already knew that!