Friday, April 20, 2007

"Ta Da!!!!"

This is what Corynn's room used to look like.

The walls were white, her bed and dresser were painted a horrid pink and Dora was everywhere!

On the opposite wall I painted a pony and a couple of frogs on a lily pad.

The curtains were an old pink sheet I cut up and sewed together.

Now this is what the room looks like.

I painted her walls a pretty soft yellow called "moonlight".

The little girl hanging above her wall is the bulletin board I found on sale at Hobby Lobby- super cute and less than $15.

I white washed her bed frame and dresser and then sanded the edges with a sander to make it look worn- the pink shows through with some wood and it looks cute!

There was a little table in our basement that I white washed as well. And then put a little lacy skirt around it- same lacy material I used for the window treatments.

The lantern I found at Target for $10- super cute. The picture is a page I saved from a children's book the twins received when they were little. The book didn't make it so I snagged the page before tossing it.

The twins made the artwork for Puka when I was pregnant. It has a lot of colors that blend well with the room and it has that certain sentimental value the room needed. :0)
(they would have been crushed had it not made its way back in the room)

The purse rack is an essential piece in her room- she has tons of purses and refuses to part with any of them!

The lighting is bad in this photo- but you get the basics.
She has just one big double window in her room and I didn't want to limit any of the natural I made three panels out of this lacy knit material (only $2 yd and the same stuff I used on the little bed side table) and separated the treated the windows as two.

And finally her tv. I know its horrible we let have her own tv- but there are days I need to watch something other than Blue's Clues! (she doesn't use it that often anyway!)

Each of the girls have a jean quilt- but my kids have tons of blankets. So I used Puka's to hold her stuffed animals. Its working pretty well!
And then we framed her hospital birth certificate, arm bracelet and nursery tag and have it hanging on the wall. Its from her old nursery room- but I can' t seem to put it away yet- she's still our baby!

It was fun- but it took all day and all my sanity to get it done. It was worth it though- when she walked in and said "Mom, it looks beautiful!"


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Christy said...

That is so cute! You did a fabulous job.

When I'm ready to do my own Design Remix, I'll have to ask you to "consult" with me!

wendysue said...

Holy cow! You did all that in one day? It looks great!