Wednesday, April 04, 2007

our BABY is 4 today!!!!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Puka, Dear
Happy days will come to you all year
If I had one wish
then it would be
A happy happy birthday to you from me!!

My little (well not so little when she was born...almost a 10lbs and 23 inches!) girl was born at St. E's four years ago today.

It was quite an intense few days...but well worth it!
I never planned on having children... and having twins so young didn't do much to sway me on that. But along came the unexpected third and let me tell is much easier than two! And our family wouldn't be complete with out her.

Its crazy how different siblings can everything. Corynn was the easiest baby ever. Happy, playful and very independent. And very much a mama's girl (she is quite partial to her "Papa" Kelly as well! And loves her gmas too)

She was happy and smiley even through her surgery and recovery.

She also had hair which was quite different from my previous bald beauties!

Corynn Tillie Kelly was named after my great grandma and John's grandma
(both of which are still living)

When she was born, McKynna said- If she cries alot, then we are taking her back!

From this picture... its crazy to think she was born with jet black hair!

She likes hats...must have got that from me! :)

Corynn was born on her grandparent's 35th wedding anniversary!

We call her Puka because there is a little dog on the movie "Anastasia" that begs for food...and Corynn began wanting/begging for food off our plates when she was just 6 months old... so we call her Puka.

Puka loves the park especially the slides....

and swings!

This is Puka driving Papa Kelly's tractor!

Of course 'baby' is with her!

She had a blast at the amusement park last year...roller coasters and the frog hopper ( a miniature Space Shot)... such a little thrill seeker!

This her explaining how the PB and Jelly sandwich got squished in mom and dad's bed! huh!? Do you think she knows? ;)

Corynn loves jamming out to her Disney CDs on her Dora radio...of course she had to wear her tutu. She just can't dance with out it. Such a girly girl! How did I ever get one of those?

Its hard to believe our little princess is four years old today...these years have flown by! We love you, baby!


Hollie said...

Happy Birthday! What a cute baby!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday!

Lindsey said...

many wonderful wishes- corinn!

Cayden says hi and happy day too!

Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cute nick name and cute story to go with it.

Audra said...

I was going through pix on the computer lastnight trying to decide which ones to upload... and I came across a video clip of the twins and I trying to get Corynn to laugh...she was maybe 4 months old and soooooo cute! It even made john a little teary eyed when he realized how grown up our baby is getting!

wendysue said...

So cute!