Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introducing my friend Lindsey

I met Lindsey back in good old GI town in jr high. We didn't really become friends until high school. We have kept in contact through the years since graduation and even more so now that we both live in Lincoln. She has a sweet five year old boy named Cayden. The most adorable kid you have ever seen (besides my own)! He has brown hair and bright green eyes. Lindsey dresses him in the cutest grunge/alternative clothes! He will be a heartbreaker when he gets older!

Lindsey went through years of infertility and various treatments to get pregnant. They became foster parents and were given the opportunity to adopt the child. Cayden was two years old when they adopted him after having him as a foster child for 18 months. They found themselves wanting one more child and went back to foster care. They have been fostering a little girl, Ella for 10 months- she is two. And she just found out she was pregnant! YEAH! They weren't trying and had practically given up on having a child naturally - but obviously there was still a little one wanting to join their family!

Lindsey is still hoping for a chance to adopt Ella and then their family will be complete.
She is a nurse at Bryan LGH East in Labor and Delivery. Her husband is a resident at Bryan LGH (not sure which one) and I think he is in trauma/emergency. Not for sure...

Lindsey is a super sweet girl and I adore her! She deserves all the best.

I just wanted to introduce Lindsey to all the bloggers out there who are wondering who the heck she is. Even John was like- who is Lindsey? Guess we need to have you over a little more often, Linds!

And don't worry- I got her approval to write about her before I started this! I am still begging her to start a blog. She is crazy funny and it would be totally entertaining to read! She always has a little story about work, kids or life to cheer me up! And she always finds the humor in every little incident- I admire that!


Audra said...

Lindsey is sending a pic via email so that I can add it this post. She has such a beautiful family!

lindsey said...

ohhh! you are so sweet!
I actually work in the NICU now at Bryan West. I don't think we will be able to adopt Ella- she has three older siblings in foster care too and they really want to find a home where they can all be together. We'll have to be happy with the time we get with her.

we definitely need to get together- though! hopefully we will see you this weekend at the zoo- Cayden woke up with a fever- so we will have to see!

Hollie said...

Lindsey, I'd read your blog:) Watch out though, it's very addicting.