Thursday, April 12, 2007

What happened?!

Two weeks ago my baby was a sweet little girl...a polite little mama's girl that was well behaved, independent at home and shy in public.

Now she is a little demon monster that cries for everything, whines and hits! yes, HITS! Where she learned that...I have no idea... but talk about infuriating! We never hit and have a 'NO HITTING - EVER!" policy at our house and now shes hitting! What happened!?

The change happened sooooo fast too! Its like night and day!

And to think I was all prepared for the terrible twos because the twins became little monsters at about 18 months and it lasted two whole years. So I was all prepared for puka... but it never came... and never came...which left me thinking we were in the clear. I think it was just late! She has a case of the terrible fours! Man- we were so close!


Rachel said...

It's probably from being in the same Sunbeam class as Jonah! My boys have a huge hitting problem right now, it's so annoying. Divide and distract has been my tactic.

Lindsey said...

I think it must be spreading then- because Cayden is just as cranky! Maybe its because we are expecting another one!

Audra said...

Holy cow girl! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! Talk about a long time coming! Are you still going through with the adoption process? Oh my- I'll call you we need to talk!