Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

We went back to GI to spend Easter with our families! We spent Saturday with John's side of the family and Sunday with mine!

These are pictures from the egg hunt at Jeff and Nancy's house (john's parents). The girls got to spend time with their cousin Sam.

Sam and Corynn are less than 11 months apart and have tons of fun together.

At dinner we celebrated Corynn's bday with a Superman cake! Corynn is crazy about Superman!

Nancy- was super sweet and made Corynn some Superman panties (no one could find them in the stores and Corynn really wanted them)!

Grandma and Papa Kelly gave Corynn the cutest little bike! They moved the cars out of the garage and she pedaled around for hours...literally! It was so cute! And it didn't matter to her one bit that it was only 23 degrees outside!

Sunday was fun too! We usually get through Kelly get togethers without drama, but DRAMA is almost guaranteed with mine! Surprisingly enough--- there was no drama this weekend! It was soooooo nice!

We had another Easter egg hunt at my mom's house with all the cousins! And Corynn got to blow another cake and received a super cute out fit, a new swim suit (which she LOVES!) and some other really great gifts!

The funniest part of the whole weekend was trying to get home with all the stuff we had accumulated in just two days. We had all of Corynn's bday presents (minus the bike...because there was no way that was fitting) and all of the Easter goodies. We have a Dodge Grand Caravan. We had six people in the van plus the dog. We also had four bags of luggage, a huge box of Easter treats, another box full of bday gifts, a 27" tv, a computer and each of the girls had a travel bag (filled with stuff to do during the ride). Needless to say.... We were FULL! Nancy...even you would have been surprised with how much stuff I crammed in there!!

I told John that our next vehicle would have to be an excursion van or we need to get a trailer to tote behind the mini van! He didn't think that was very funny....but I did!

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Lindsey said...

cute pictures! Isn't it nice to have family together and not have fighting and bickering! too bad it doesn't happen that often!