Monday, April 16, 2007

Design Remix for Puka!

When Puka turned 2 we decorated her room in pink, painted a mural on her wall and got her a Dora comforter and lamp. Her walls are still white besides the pony painted on one wall and her curtains are pink with white shears.

Now she is four and starting to outgrow Dora and the girly stuff- at least that's what she told us a few weeks ago. She informed John and I that she was ready for a new she packed up her babies and blanket and started moving into the guest room. Before she got too far...I decided we would just redo her room.

There is a show on HGTV called Design Remix. The designer uses things she finds in your house, garage, attic and only spends $50 on new stuff and paint and then redesigns one of your rooms. So that is what we are going to do for Puka's room.

Her bed frame and dresser are painted pink so the plan is to paint those white as well has her night stand. Paint her walls a really soft pale neutral yellow (so we won't have to repaint when its time to move). I bought the cutest bulletin board at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $10 and I have been looking for cute cheap fabric for window treatments at Walmart.

Her Dora comforter has cute flowers in pale colors on the reverse side so that will work out perfectly! I also bought her the most adorable night light/lamp at Target for super cheap- $15 I think.

I will post before and after shots. Hopefully we can get it done this week. I will most likely start working on it Thursday while she is at school...that way I can get most of the painting done! Her room is pretty small- so it won't take much. But I am excited...I love little projects like this that allow you to get immediate satisfaction because they get finished relatively fast. Puka is excited too...especially since now she won't have to move all her stuff to the other room!

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lindsey said...

I love that show! Come help me with Cayden's room or better yet the nursery! Or Ella's room - heck why not the whole house!