Saturday, April 28, 2007

Feed me Seymore... Feed me!

The food choices were vast and amazing! Spago, Emeril's, Tavern on the Green, buffets up the wha-zooo! From five star restaurants to Burger King- they have it all!

We didn't eat anywhere famous- but the food was wonderful! We just kept running out of time- couldn't do it all. And basically ended up eating one meal a day when we could fit it in. On the day we walked up and down the Vegas Strip we decided to do a buffet because we were starving! So we went to the buffet in Treasure Island. Holy moley- not exactly Old Country Buffet! The had a salad bar- where you told the lady behind the counter what you wanted on it by pointing to all the stuff in front of you. And she made it right in front of you- plus they had five signature salads that had a bunch of crazy stuff in them- which I am sure is yummy- but to me a salad is lettuce, cheese, chicken, bacon bits and croutons. But they had every topping you could ever want on a salad i.e. eggs, chicken, shrimp, wet mozzarella, real bacon, tofu, steak strips, cranberries, veggies, onions (white, red and green) and tons of other stuff. Sooooo many choices and that was just the salad!

They also had a pasta bar where they made pasta dishes to your specification. Feticinni alfredo, penne scampi (shrimp, chicken or plain), and many more- but that was kind of neat too. They also had a sushi bar to choose from. They made it to order as well. I haven't really eaten sushi- but my family will happy to know that I did try three different kinds- the California roll was the best.

Now onto desserts! WOW! Everything and anything you could ever want for dessert. Even fresh cotton candy on stick! Chocolate covered strawberries, tarts, pies, cheesecakes, gourmet ice creams, pastries etc. I would have paid the money just for the desserts. And its a good thing I was pretty much stuffed before I hit the desserts- because that would have been scary!

We also went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville at the Flamingo- which ughhh! We had heard the Nachos were superb so we went there and had some...hahaha! Sandi and I didn't want to share finger foods with other people (strange I know) plus we were hungry, so we each ordered our own and they were HUGE! Which I figured was ok- since I thought half of it would be plain chips anyway. Well- even though half was just plain chips- the other half would have been plenty to feed two people. Our waitress thought we were crazy so I had to prove her wrong - of course I could eat all this. UGHHHH- don't do it! I didn't even come close! We had that for lunch and I was still recovering the next day! I am waiting for the picture from my mom. I will dedicate one blog entry to just pix from the trip!

Also at that lunch- my grandma had a margarita with her lunch. Now she is a petite woman and I knew it wouldn't take much to make her loopy. And I was right. She started rambling on like an open book. My mom and I were laughing so hard! It was the funniest thing just hearing her talk about things you never thought a grandma would talk about! We'll just say I learned way more than I had wanted! mail I am thinking! hehehehe!

So in all- the food was great!


Hollie said...

I LOVE sushi! I had some last night. I do not do the raw fish kind. Last night I made a teriyaki chicken with sesame seeds and an Asian salad one.....yum!

Also, that is funny about your grandma. My grandma is like that too, except with out the alcohol. You never know what she is going to say. Sometimes she has us rolling and sometimes we can't get her to stop. She has reached the age where anything goes. I love grandma's.

Lindsey said...

I love your grandma! She is super cool!

Kris said...

me too me too!