Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Goofing around

The girls and I were in the kitchen talking to John as he prepared dinner. I opened photo booth to take a picture of us.

Then we started to goof around with the photo booth program.

this is the heat sensor mode- we were sitting back away from the eye so the orange, yellows and reds didn't show up- but it still looks cool- I like the colors!

This some kind of blurry mode or something- but it was a cute pic of all three.

and this was the x-ray mode. Too funny! we took... oh I don't know...close to 60 pictures with photo booth and the girls were trying out all the different effects. It was a fun hour of goofing off! It's surprising how much you mentally need some goof off time!


Rachel said...

Fun! Is that a program you had to buy? I've never heard of it.

Rachel said...

Hey Audra, Jonah is planning on coming to the party. I can just take him there and stay with the other kids. Thanks.

Audra said...

She will be SOOO excited! We will be out in front of the zoo at 10am- see ya then!

LIndsey said...

you are such a good mom! And how did you get john to cook the dinner?