Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My list...

I have a list... and in my family a list is important! My mom and I have this horrible habit of making lists i.e., shopping lists, to do lists (long term, monthly and daily), sale item lists from the Wed. flyers in the paper, projects lists and so on. Its a horrible habit I know...but there is a great since of satisfaction when I get to cross something off the list!

But I have a special that I started when I was 18. When I was 18 and pregnant with the twins...a family friend gave me encouragement and hope. I knew my life wasn't over- that I would just have to take take a different path and do things a little differently than before- but not to give up. That got me to thinking of all the things I hoped to accomplish and do in my life...and that regardless of kids or my situation in life... I need to work to get these accomplished.

Obviously some of things on the list have changed and some things have been crossed off...but I am going to give you a sneak peak at some of the items on my 'list':

#5 Do mission work in Africa

#9 Make a difference in my community

#11 Go to Ireland with my family

#14 Write a book

#17 Help someone accomplish their 'dream'

#29 Raise respectful, intelligent and creative children

#32 Go para-sailing...with Deb (see told you I put it on the list!)


Hollie said...

Hummm....I think I need to make a list. This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing:)

kris said...

such an ambitious little lady! good luck!