Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gone Fishing!

Just kidding! But I am out of town for the next couple of days! My mom, grandma and I are going to Vegas to shop, relax and see a few shows. BUT mostly for a brief break from my everyday 'mom/wife' responsibilities. A much needed break in a nice warm place that wasn't too hard on the pocket book.

John is going to play Mr.Mom this week while I am gone...he asks for your prayers! lol !!!
Or at least cheer him on...YOU CAN DO IT! I love him and know he will do just fine! He's a good dad and a great husband!

Talk to ya'all when I get back!


lindsey said...

Wow! super dad! you can do it john! Have fun, Audra- you deserve it!

Hollie said...

How fun! I totally need one of those soon!!! Have a great time.

Christy said...

How fun! I would be super jealous but I get to do the exact same thing with some of my friends in a month!

Have a great time and tell us what you did, where you ate, shopped, etc... full report!