Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sick days

Not much to blog about today...I am sick with a cold and the girls are getting it too. Sore throats, running nose and sinus headaches. I am all about OTC cold medicines...but now I want some good old fashioned home remedies. Please share...


Lindsey said...

I am all for chicken noodle soup or broth and let the girls eat icecream for their sore throats. make sure you tell them Lindsey said it was ok! :0)

Deb said...

Hope you feel better!

kris said...

try really works!

Audra said...

I got on the web and found some home remedies.

mucus in the throat- drink hot water with lemon

feeling warm - cold compress on the neck rather than the head

cough attack - pinch the pressure point between the thumb and index finger until coughing stops (hmmm...not sure about that one!)

hot shower before bed opens up sinuses and relieves pressure.

chicken broth is best ...rather than the soup
keep fluid intake up- lots of water

anyway- just thought I would share

Audra said...

Lindsey- the girls were thrilled to know ice cream would be on the menu!